35 Fabulous Short Hairstyles Ideas For Women

Fabulous Short Hairstyles Ideas For Women17 Fabulous Short Hairstyles Ideas For Women17

Short hairstyles are great as they are not only stylish, but they are also easy to maintain. If you are interested in having short hair, here are some of the best styles that you should go for:

Chin length

From its name this is a style that is characterized by hair that doesn’t go beyond your chin. For ideal results you should ensure that you wear your hair in soft, easy waves. The good side with the style is that you can wear it both in the professional and casual environment. To give your hair great looks, you should consider using rollers and curling irons.


Just like any other short hairstyle, this style requires minimal maintenance. This is because all you need to do is to wash it. To give it some shape you should add a little bit of hair product. To maintain the look for a long time, you need to trim it every five or six weeks.

The Bob

This is great as it comes in different ways. For example, it comes as a blunt or layered cut. In addition to this you can wear it in different ways. For example, you can wear it with or without bangs. If you want a dramatic look you should blow-out the hair so that it becomes super straight. You should complete the look by applying a high-gloss polisher.

Sexy soccer mom

This cut is longer at the front (about chin length) but shorter at the back. For a great look you should make it spiky by using gels and hair sprays.


This is a dramatic hairstyle and you should go for it if you are very confident about yourself and you don’t mind weird stares. The good side with it is that it gives you an edgier, high-fashion look.

Maintaining short hair

While short hairstyles are easy to maintain, you should maintain them properly. A great way of maintaining the hair is ensuring that you always put on your wrap cap every night.

For ideal results you should apply the cap around the shaved or tapered part in the back of your head and around the sides. Putting on the cap ensures that you sleep comfortably on your back or on your either side without messing the hair style.

Another way of maintaining the hair is brushing it every day. As rule of thumb you should brush the side that the hair hangs down on.


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