37 Cute Sun Tattoos Ideas For Men And Women

Cute Sun Tattoos Ideas For Men And Women33 Cute Sun Tattoos Ideas For Men And Women33

It’s not as simple as drawing the sun and having one permanently inked on your body. A sun tattoo design pattern varies depending on the meaning and qualities linked to your tattoo.

The energy, light and heat the sun projects are all characteristics of a sun tattoo design. These designs can be basic and simple, complex and even multi colored.

In the ancient world, and still today, the sun is worshipped and has a different meaning in various cultures.

So you need to determine the reason for having a sun tattoo and the factors to consider is your culture, outlook and beliefs, than design your tattoo accordingly.

Let’s look at some of the meanings of various sun tattoo designs:

1) Truth and light is one of the most important and obvious things a sun tattoo design will represent.
2) Dignity, courage and knowledge
3) A symbol of fertility since is previously thought that the sun was the cause of birth and harvest. Therefore it can symbolize rebirth or reincarnation.
4) Passion is sometimes associated with the sun, passion for life or for another individual.
5) A source of life. For example the sun radiates the energy for life in plants and other living species, therefore the sun is considered a healing power.
6) A tribal sun tattoo design could represent protection from danger and the negativity of life.
7) When combined with the moon a sun tattoo as the union of a man and women, both sexually and spiritually.
8) A sacred worship symbol

Sun tattoo designs are gaining popularity with people everywhere using the traditional design as a foundation and adding their vision to it.

There isn’t a right way or wrong way to approach designing your own piece that will come to life and shine on your body forever. However you do need to have a clear vision of the message you want to send through your tattoo.

Designing a tattoo is time consuming but doesn’t need to become frustrating. Because a tattoo can be expensive and we all know permanent, consider investing an insignificant amount of money into joining a high quality online gallery.

You will have access to an enormous wealth of information and resources, along with forums to share experiences and ideas with other tattoo enthusiast. I place high value on this and believe everyone else should also.

When you finally get to your final sun tattoo design and are ready to be inked, be sure to pick highly recommended artists. You want this design to be yours; you should strive for ownership of it. You want it to be so incredible that it gains envious looks regularly, you want it to shine like the sun shines from the universe above us.


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