43 Inspiring Men Joggers Style Ideas

Inspiring Men Joggers Style Ideas28 Inspiring Men Joggers Style Ideas28

Men’s designer jeans have come a long way since their inception. Starting from regular straight fit jeans, there are quirkier and new fashion trends that are catching the world by storm. A lot of experimenting with designs are done in this range of clothing.

Some of the styles are beyond imagination. Few styles come and go and many change with seasons. So, one has to stay informed and acquainted with the styles that fit their body.

The designer jeans such as Mish Mash, Voi, Fly 53, Jack Jones, Firetrap, Egan, Duck and Cover and others have stayed afloat in the market of jeans primarily because of their perception of buyer’s desires. The quality of denim cloth used is great, affordable and long lasting. Most of them are machine washable.

Their designs have also given importance to the use of colours. Black, blue and white are not the only available colour forms. There are funkier colours as well as few formals. One can also find sheer tan and grey jeans as well as steel greys.

In terms of fit in the men’s designer jeans, one can find styles where there is use of plenty of light and dark wash. Acid wash and use of stone wash in the darker jeans is also common.

There are men who have perfectly chiseled looks and so regular and slim fit jeans are their best fit. They can not only try the slim fit jeans but also the slim fit with cuffed ankles and narrower legs. Even lower crotch would fit nice with a perfectly toned body.

First get an idea of your physique so that you know which style fits with your look. Other than that in jeans, one only has to know their waist size and their length. There are also jeans available in the market which have drawstring elasticated waist instead of buttoned waist.

Variation in fly styles is also available. One can pick buttoned fly as well as zip fly. If you want to pair your jeans with a t-shirt or with golf top or polo shirt, it is best to look for the jeans which are sporty in looks. For example, one such style is available under Voi jeans known as designer jogger jeans.

It has cuffed ankles, large buttoned pockets and drawstring and elasticated waist. One should try and avoid sandals with jeans. However, there are plenty of jeans where you can slip in your boots. Slim fit is the best bet for boots.

One must never pair their jeans with boots, if they are wearing the regular straight fits. Shoes go nicely with them. It is also customary for some wearer to pair the jeans with chic belts. It is the new fashion trend to accessorize jeans with belts.

Quirky jeans go well with silver or pewter buckles. However, do not try and pair regular and formal jeans with the super trendy belts and buckles. Look for the colour combination’s before you pick one.


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