50 Totally Cool Geometric Tattoo Designs Ideas

Totally Cool Geometric Tattoo Designs Ideas10 Totally Cool Geometric Tattoo Designs Ideas10

For quite some time now, individuals have tried to study the different aspects of Celtic art and culture. The symbols and designs used by them, have created an aura of enigma about them, that has influenced a lot of individuals to use them as tattoos. Yes, Celtic tattoo designs are the newest rage in the world of tattoo designs.

So, what do these Celtic tattoos have, that intrigue individuals so a lot? What are the Celtic tattoo meanings? And which would be the suitable Celtic tattoo ideas for men and Celtic tattoo ideas for women, and where should we get them? All these questions will probably be answered in the article below.

Celtic Armband Tattoo Designs

The most common feature of the Celtic designs are the intricate angled lines. They have turn out to be so typical and well-liked, that many tattoo fans think about them to be clich. Along with the angled lines are the Celtic knots, which are a typical feature of the Celtic tattoos.

Celtic knots combined with the angled lines, produce a well-balanced and appealing designs. Celtic knots make for a fantastic tattoo design, more so if you wish to sport a small tattoo design. Celtic knot armband tattoos are not only well-liked with the men, but also with the womenfolk.

Along with the angled lines and Celtic knots are the spirals and interlacing lines, which are utilized to make armband tattoos. To make Celtic armband tattoos, geometric shapes of Celtic origin are used. These geometric shapes look good from any angle. This style often depicts the Celtic heritage. It can also be done as a mark of admiration of the Celtic art and culture.

Celtic Knot Tattoos and Meanings

Within the ancient times, the Celts utilized to believe that knot tattoo designs had some relation with nature, god, and other aspects. These knots were made for defeating the powers of evil. The Celts believed that the much more intricate the knot got the more was their capacity in providing protection.

The knots were also considered to be related to a never-ending life, with the interwoven knots being the life blended with a pattern of time and space. Similarly, different Celtic tattoo designs had various meanings. A couple of of today’s Celtic knot tattoo wearers select designs considering the meanings.

Celtic Band Tattoo Designs

Celtic arm band tattoos are one of the most well-liked tattoo designs among the arm band tattoos. The most typical designs utilized to make Celtic band tattoos are spirals, scrollwork, knots or Celtic cross, etc.

When you determine, to get your self an band tattoo, you will have to make sure, that the design is fluid and flows around a body part such a way, that the tattoo appears natural. Celtic styles feature intricately angled lines along with the complex knots, spirals, some animals both real and mythical, etc.

Celtic Heart Knot Tattoos

Celtic heart knot tattoos are one of the unique tattoo designs. The Celtic knots usually represent a never-ending process, it symbolizes the eternal connection between two things. So when Celtic heart is engraved with the help of knots it obviously means a never ending bond with a loved one.

Celtic heart knot tattoos are also done by individuals suffering from heart diseases. When such a meaning is intended, the heart is shown stitched or with a bandage. The classic black and white color suits this tattoo design the very best. Talking about the tattoo location, this tattoo could be done anywhere correct from the ankle to the nape. Select a location where it could be easily visible.


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