50 Unique Graduation Party Ideas For High School

Unique Graduation Party Ideas For High School20 Unique Graduation Party Ideas For High School20

Think about it: no more teachers or professors, no more school or college rules and best of all, no more exams. Graduation is such a sweet, sweet thing. And we both know that having a party sounds just about the only thing you need to celebrate this momentous event. So now you’re here, and you’re planning a party.

Regardless of what grade, year or degree you just finished you deserve this celebration. No matter what you say or what other people say have put in hard work and stayed up late some nights to get where you are today. And a toast to that is what your party must be.

Pretty much, a graduation party is the same as the preparations you would make for any other kind of party, with particular attention being paid to whom exactly to invite to the event. But of course this would include mostly our friend or batch mates and other people you’ve met along your way.

You certainly would not want to omit anyone important from the guest list. So now that our guest list has been formulated, its time to get the invitations sent out to those concerned.

As far as decorations go, there are so many options open to you to choose from! There are many ideas or designs to choose from in any party store. There are many decorations specifically designed for this kind of festivity.

Using the school colors is a great idea and you could have a cake made in the shape of the year of the graduation. As an alternative, you may wish to opt for a relevant theme for the graduation party – something like a flash back party or a masquerade ball always guarantees good fun.

Depending on your budget, your party can be themed or not. You could just be some friends hanging out as usual-just with more food and drinks, music and a few more invited guests. Or it could be a big lavish party with caterers and a live band.

What food or drinks to serve rely entirely on your party’s theme. If, again, it is just a simple house party, some pizza, chicken and pasta would be alright. If you are not a minor, serving some booze sounds in order too. Just make sure that you have some iced tea or sodas for those who prefer not to drink beer.

The music that you play is also very crucial and important so that everybody would have a good time. Just mix a CD of your favorite songs are you could just have a stereo connected to your iPod, put it in shuffle and enjoy the randomness. You could also let your guests know that they can put it their own iPods so there’s a diverse type of music playing in your party’s background.

If you want and you think your guest are up to it, you could collect pictures or videos of your days in school and create a PowerPoint or short documentary about it. This would add an element of recognition that indeed, you all are graduates now.


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