41 Popular Short Shag Haircuts Ideas

Popular Short Shag Haircuts Ideas41 Popular Short Shag Haircuts Ideas41

Hair is the sexiest visible part of human body. Hairstylists are always inventing cool, hip and ultramodern haircuts for ladies and gentlemen. Hairstyling is not a child’s play; there are different hair cuts which suit people according to the shapes of their face, types and colours of hair and skull.

I met a lady in a hip hair saloon of NYC, her hair was trimmed, properly cut and coloured but she was not happy with it. She told me that she wanted to be messy chic as this is the fashion of day.

Messy chic is low maintenance; fuzz free looks very popular in Parisian and Londoner neighbourhood. This messy look comes from the word Sprezzatura a term originated from Castiglione’s The book of courtier, mean a certain nonchalance in looks, deeds or saying.

Shaggy haircuts help in this kind of messy looks. Most of the shaggy haircuts have different layers which give them a permanent style. Unrestricted flow and hiding various flaws of the face can be easily done through shaggy haircuts, like on wearing a high volume shaggy haircut gives you a height or wild scissor work on the hair on forehead will help in enhancing cheekbones or a strong jaw if a person on haircutting chair is male.

Shaggy haircuts sometimes relate themselves with the out-of-bedroom look. It is like pronouncing their sexuality for women. Just-I’ve-a-good-quickie hair style tends to look confused, chaotic and careless but it is not a carelessness of a dirty and slipshod person. It is a studied carelessness. Every fashion enthusiast since the birth of fashion is trying to achieve this supreme style.

If you want to have trendy shaggy haircuts then don’t take scissor and start working on your hair but call for an appointment to some good hair saloon at your place. However shaggy we call it; at last it is a tailored cut. There are layers-short and long, cuts at different angles and other hair works involved in it.

Now days are not far when everybody will look as cool as cucumber and at last how so ever beautiful something is but if it does not say anything, whether it is a fashion eccentricity or a philosophy book, it’s useless.


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